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7-Hour USPAP

Good for Seven Hours (7 hours) of Continuing Education Credit for NCAB

2016-2017 7 Hours USPAP Update Course

Special, one time price of $135.00 for Gaston, Lincoln, and Cleveland County appraisers. I have not seen the course offered anywhere for less than $145.00. I plan to offer this price only once unless the class is full and I need to schedule another.

Location will be at Gaston Association of Realtor’s office:

2923 Audrey Drive, Gastonia, NC 28054.

This course will be offered in Fall of 2015 and Jan - May of 2016.

Cost: $135.00 Sign Up **USPAP Book NOT included, Student Manual IS included.
Bring your own 2015/2016 USPAP book or you can order one here for $85.50 when you signup for classes. You MUST have a 2015/2016 USPAP book to take the class. Again, the 7 Hour Student Manual is included in the $135.00, The 2015/2016 USPAP Book IS NOT included and IS required for this course. Please click here if you would like to order the book.

Keep in mind that this course must be taken prior to May 31, 2016. This is a new requirement that the 7 hr USPAP update must be taken in the first 5 months of the even numbered year.

You MUST have the current 2015-2016 USPAP in your hand in order to take this course, no sharing allowed! This rule is being strictly enforced by the NCAB. If you do not have the 2015-2016 USPAP book you will not be able to take the class. Each student MUST have their own book.
I hope you bought your USPAP book from the NCAB for $10.00. If not, the cost of the USPAP book is $75.00 + $10.50 for shipping. I will be glad to order it for you if you want to pre-pay the $85.50. (I do not get any discount on these books)

Please keep note that I have to order student manuals no later than November 25th so please email me ASAP if you plan to take this class.

If you want to take this class, please email or call me ASAP so I can order books. Get this done and out of the way now at the lowest possible price.

I will also be teaching the 15 hour USPAP 2015-2016 class January 4th and 5th (Saturday and Sunday) for those who are interested. This class is good for 14 hours of CE credit.


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